Sounds like the Cavs are in last minute discussions with the Golden State Warriors to deal leading scorer Antawn Jamison.  Don’t really see what they’d get in return.  Whatever.  Stock up on picks Cavs.

  • Miami Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland explains why he hired Brian Daboll.  Dubiously missing from the report are incriminating photographs, extortion attempts, and the whereabouts of his loved ones.
  • A dude who is just a couple inches taller than I am, Chuck Hayes, grabbed 17 rebounds against the Cavs last night.  He also set arena records for rebounds in a quarter (12), and offensive rebounds in a game (13).  Just in case you were wondering, Ryan Hollins, a 7-footer, was guarding him.  Oh yeah, Cavs lost.
  • Whenever I write “Cavs lost”, I kind of say it in my head like Pauly D says “CABS ARE HERE” in “Jersey Shore”.
  • Yesterday I found out that George Clooney is directing a movie in Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area, including at my alma mater, Miami University.  Turns out he’s actually filming in Oxford on Green Beer Day.  They’re saying that anybody partaking in the wonderful holiday will be barred from the set and will not be considered as an extra, which they need 500-600 of.  What to do, what to do…start boozing at 11 PM Wednesday night and don’t stop until sometime Thursday, or potentially become a movie star?
  • Shawn Kemp says that Blake Griffin’s winning dunk of last Saturday’s dunk contest was the weakest of the event, and at 41, he could jump over “two smart cars”.  You might consider not jumping over the smart cars, but buying them, for all of your children to get around in.  Ah hell, what am I thinking?  His kids couldn’t fit into two smart cars.
  • He also said ““I love the choir and all that stuff was great, but you at least gotta jump over the car though, right?”.  Uh, Shawn?  Did you see the dunk?  Looks like he jumps over it to me!

Mike Piazza is GWCS’s favorite baseball player of all time.  I would’ve thought he had made enough money over his career to last him multiple lifetimes.  Apparently not.  Guess he’s resorted to doing Duralast commercials.


Just kidding, I know it’s not him.  Well I don’t know, maybe it is.  It’s either him or his pissed off twin brother that never got any recognition.

4 Responses to “P.M. Thoughts”

  1. he means jump over the car, not just the hood. are Kemp and i the only ones on earth who realize he didn’t jump over the car?!?!?

  2. we all know the reason why that twin brother never got any recognition either, don’t we tribal guy?

  3. 1. He jumped over the car.

    2. He didn’t swing as big of a bat!

  4. either bat swing, or too much mushroom marsala!


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