Julio Jones is one of the top wide receivers in this year’s draft, and definitely one of the fastest.  He ran a 4.39 at the NFL Combine over the weekend.  Pretty impressive, huh?  Turns out HE DID IT ON A BROKEN FOOT.  Sucks for him, since he’ll most likely drop in the draft.  But also, I’d brag about that for the rest of my life.

  • How does Hines Ward prepare in the offseason after losing a Super Bowl a BIG GAME?  Go on “Dancing with the Stars”, of course!  It’s too bad they don’t do group dances are something, because I’d really like to see him cheap shot Romeo.  Yes, Master P’s son is going to be on the show.  I’d say it’s about time to cancel it.
  • Elyria’s own Midway Mall is going to be sold, again.  In terrible news, they say that operations will not change whatsoever.  Here is some free advice for the new owners.  Bring back Sakkio!  Oh yeah, less airbrush stores too.
  • This morning on “Mike and Mike”, Stuart Scott said that he’d have to think really hard on whether or not Carmelo Anthony is a better all around basketball player than LeBron James.  Man, a guy plays defense for a day and all of a sudden he’s as good as LeBron?  I guess if Bruce Bowen would’ve played offense he’d be on the same level as Kobe.
  • Because of the uncertainty in the NFL’s CBA negotiations, coaches are not allowed to have any contact with players on their teams.  Apparently Chad Henne didn’t get the memo.  I thought “Michigan Men” were supposed to be real smart.  By the way, that phrase sucks.
  • The Titans said that they have had some teams contact them about Vince Young.  Does anybody else think that he would be a good backup to Colt McCoy?  Only if he’s willing to be the backup, of course.  Which he probably doesn’t.
  • But let’s say he has eaten his crow, and is willing to be a number two for a couple years.  The McCoy-Young Texas connection is already there, and Vince Young has had some success in the past.  Just a thought.
  • And just because everybody needs to listen to Charlie Sheen, here are the best moments of his interview with Piers Morgan last night.

I want the Browns to get this dude in the second round. Stephen Paea set the record for 225 lb bench press reps at the Combine.  He could be a good fit on the defensive line.

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  1. i’m pretty sure you could run a forty yard dash in less than 400 seconds, YA IDIOT!


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