EDITOR’S NOTE:  I had originally posted that Nate Dogg died at 31, when he was actually 41.  Sorry for the typo.  I would also like to apologize if people thought the title was insensitive, so I changed it.

Nate Dogg, who is most famous for his song with Warren G “Regulate”, has died at age 41.  Me and my girlfriend recently bought “Regulate” on our Xbox 360 “Def Jam Rapstar” game.  I feel like there’s a lot of quotation marks in this paragraph.

  • Those heavy weed smokers in the area might be in a pinch to find it, seeing as though $1 million worth of the stuff was seized in a turnpike stop last night.  You may not be smoking like Nate Dogg in the near future.
  • The Tribe beat the Brewers in an exhibition yesterday, led by Carlos Santana.  He was 3-3 with a bomb.  Underachieving Matt LaPorta went yard as well.
  • On a semi related note, I bought MLB 2K11 on Friday.  I have been out of the baseball video game for about five years now, and it definitely shows.  That game is so frickin’ hard.  Fun though.
  • Comedy Central had a roast for Donald Trump last night, and “The Situation” was a roaster (?).  Predictably, he bombed.  He’s only funny on “Jersey Shore”…well never now that I think about it.  Why was he asked to participate again?
  • Duke’s PG Kyrie Irving could be returning to Duke for their NCAA opener.  He’s played only eight games so far this year, but he’s still projected to be a top five pick.  A lot of Cavs fans have to change their pants when they talk about him.  I mean I know the dude is talented, but do you really want to use your #1 pick on a Duke point guard who played in a handful of games with foot problems?
  • The Bulls have risen to the top of the East, and now have a conference best 48-18 record.  Coincidentally, they were wearing their St. Patrick’s Day green jerseys the night they passed the Celtics.  I know, that means nothing.
  • Just so you know, President Obama picked all four #1 seeds to make it to the Final Four.  He is also the first man in history to fill out a women’s bracket.
  • Finally, Guy With Common Sense says that it is +2000 on bodog.com that all four #1’s will make it.  I’d say it’s worth putting a couple bucks down on it.

My buddy Dan sent me this video yesterday, and how this guy hasn’t blown his arm out is beyond me.  Seriously, how do you even think of trying to hit this?  One time I played in a Wiffle Ball tournament, and we thought we were gonna win the whole thing.  We were like 12.  We got killed.

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  2. He is 41 not 31

  3. he was 41, not 31.

  4. least u can do after being insensitive

  5. I wouldnt classify a toe injury as “Foot problems”. This isnt Z we are talking about. My concern with the pick would be who the hell is he going to be facilitating the ball too. I mean he is a PG… Hickson? Eyenga? We need scorers. I say IF he has a good tourney… take a good look at Barnes with the first pick. He started kinda slow but the kid was a pre season all-american as a freshman. He scored 40 the other day. How much better would the Cavs O look if say we drafted like this…

    #1 – Barnes
    #9-11 – Walker

    I know we need BIGS but unless you love Sully (I like him albeit limited upside) what big are you gonna take top 10? Kanter is supposed to be a beast BUT he hasnt played a single second for Kentucky and the other BIGS are all foreign… so thats a crap shoot. We have JJ and Andy should be back.. some people like Samuels (IDK yet), so I guess we have a few bigs. I know Kemba is a tweener and he may end up like Ben Gordon but man that dude is smooth and clutch.

  6. what was the insensitive comment/headline? text me if need be…

  7. The name of the song is Regulators, not Regulate. Why is this bullshit allowed on Google News?

  8. @Tom

    Check out the track listing. The song is titled “Regulate”.


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  10. The worst article i’ve ever read. Complete waste of time.

  11. I hope this guy loses his job. what a tool

  12. Thanks for reading LA and cesar!

  13. Ashes to ashes.
    Dust to waste of life

  14. GLORIOUS. you have made it as a loser blogger. victor’s cousin is even against you. lololol

  15. and youre on google news? wow.

  16. Clearly these were not sports fans who ended up here while searching around for Nate Dogg. Although I have a sneaking suspicion that cesar is Bryan. Tool? How 90′s! That is definitely something Bryan would say

  17. This shit shouldn’t even have reached the news @ all

  18. smoke weed everyday


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