Why is it tantalizing?  I don’t know.  I figured I was alliterative on Manic Monday, so I might as well keep the trend going.  What’s tomorrow gonna be?  Wacky Wednesday?  Whimsical Wednesday?  William Wednesday?  Who knows?!?!  Guess you’ll have to come back tomorrow.

  • It’s never good when a professional team can be accurately portrayed as lifeless.  The Cavs are a joke.  I know they have nothing to play for, and it’s got to be hard on Byron Scott, but when is going to be held accountable for this?
  • Baron Davis, the best player in NBA Live 2005, says he won’t rush his return.  Reading between the lines, I’d say he’s not coming back this year.  How aware do you think he is that the Cavs essentially bought a lottery pick for the price of his contract?  Or do you think he’s an egotistical athlete that thinks it was all about him?
  • What’s the world’s biggest story?  Libya?  The tsunami?  Earthquake?  Nope!  It’s the Knicks!  I’m so sick of this.  You saw what happened with the Heat.  It took them a month to even have a semblance of chemistry, and they STILL don’t have it down.  What made everyone think that Carmelo and Amar’e would jell immediately?  Especially when Carmelo had to learn an entire new system in February?
  • Tennessee’s head basketball coach Bruce Pearl got fired yesterday, for pretty much the same thing Jim Tressel did.  I’m no expert, but you probably shouldn’t lie or mislead the NCAA.  It’s amazing he got fired for this, and not this.
  • Some guy says that Four Loko gave him permanent heart damage.  I will never understand these types of lawsuits.  It’s not like the dude didn’t know what he was drinking.  I hate people like this.

Oh yeah.  Tribal guy is engaged now.  Just thought I’d let ya know.

3 Responses to “Tantalizing Tuesday!”

  1. nice job. now my girls wants hitched. floodgates opened.

  2. Girls? Plural? Uh oh!

  3. typos!


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