Sorry I didn’t post this morning, but I was traveling all day to Chicago.

I am attending a conference on social media and mobile technologies as it pertains to newspaper websites.  Exciting, I know.

Actually, I’m not in Chicago.  I was told I was going to Chicago, but it turns out I’m in Des Plains, Illinois.  Not exactly what I thought I was signing up for.  So instead of being here:

image(image via)

I’m here:

image(image via)

So I won’t be posting tomorrow or Thursday.  Sorry.  If anybody would like to post for me for the next two days, just let me know in the comments.  Nastruthomas, don’t bother.  We’ve been down that road before.

Also, driving through Chicago is awful.  That’s all.

3 Responses to “I’m Outta Town”

  1. *ouch*

    >cries to self

  2. See if you can find the high school where “The Breakfast Club” was filmed. It was in Des Plaines. Just something to pass the time.

  3. GWCVS..if he’s not talking to me he’s talking to you… post something


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