Here is a promise from me—I will make an honest and concerted effort to update Tribal Pursuit regularly. Have I done this before? Well, yes and no. In the past when I’ve “brought back” Tribal, I promised the moon. I’m not going to do that this time. But I am going to try. It might take me a couple weeks to get back in the groove, so bear with me.

With that, here are my mid-morning thoughts:

  • Are you kidding me with this rain? It’s January 17th. This is the time of year when I shouldn’t have to worry about the dog getting muddy as all hell when I let her outside. I shouldn’t have to worry about this garbage weather for AT LEAST a couple more months. But nooooooo, now she’s caked in eight pounds of mud every single time I go to bring her in. It’s the worst.
  • You know what else is the worst? Taking down Christmas trees. Ours is STILL up. I keep saying I’m going to take it down on the weekend, but then something better always comes up. I’m debating keeping it up until July and have a “Christmas in July” party, not have any guests over until Christmas, then take it down next New Year’s Day. Believe me, if I were still single, this would definitely be in the cards.
  • Actually, if I were still single, I probably wouldn’t have a Christmas tree at all. Unless it was one of those Charlie Brown ones.
  • The dirtbags that terrorize downtown Elyria are going to have to be a little more careful, because they’re installing surveillance cameras downtown! Sure, it’s long overdue, but at least it’s finally happening.
  • The Cavs are one of the best surprises of the young season, beating the Charlotte Bobcats 102-94 yesterday to bring their record back to .500 at 6-6. Just curious, where are all the people that were hoping for a Derrick Williams+Brandon Knight/Kemba Walker combination back in June?
  • My buddy Dan and I get our Super Bowl THE BIG GAME numbers this weekend, and we’re hoping to repeat our performance of last year. Are strikethrough jokes still funny? I don’t know, it’s been so long!

Oh yeah, the real reason I quit updating Tribal regularly? I had a crap keyboard. It was awful, but was too lazy to ask IT for a new one. Well I finally got one and it is AWESOME. It’s all wireless and stuff. It’s like I’m writing…FROM THE FUTURE.


2 Responses to “Mid-Morning Thoughts”

  1. I am tricky ready for this.meant terribly, to lazy to correct auto type…

  2. Get a cat. They clean themselves !


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