Guys, you know what’s like, totally cray cray?! The weather in Ohio! Yesterday afternoon it was almost 60 degrees! Then it got really windy! THEN IT EVEN STARTED SNOWING! That’s pretty much what my Facebook and Twitter timelines looked like last night and this morning. So annoying. You’re not being insightful, people. EVERYONE knows the weather is unpredictable here. Come up with something original.

  • The Cavs lost 105-95 to the Warriors last night, mainly due to their 25 turnovers. If you ask me, it is due to Omri Casspi. His numbers weren’t all that bad (11 pts, 6 boards), but he’s either just not good at basketball or he’s playing scared. Kyrie Irving had a nice behind the back pass to him, and he nearly traveled before he awkwardly shoveled it back to Anderson Varejao. Then in the second half he had what could only be described as the ugliest attempt at a layup I’ve ever seen. He was approaching the basket straight on, slightly to the left. He then tries to convert around the defender with his right hand, and the ball hit nothing but the backboard to the right of the rim. It honestly looked like an uncoordinated 7th grader’s attempt. Oy.
  • The Indians avoided arbitration yesterday with Justin Masterson, Chris Perez, Shin-Soo Choo, Joe Smith, and Jack Hannahan. They all received nice raises. They’re still trying to work it out with Asdrubal Cabrera and Rafael Perez. I wouldn’t worry, the Tribe hasn’t gone to arbitration with a player since 1991. Pretty remarkable when you think about it.
  • In what seems like a terrible thing to say about a self conscious quarterback, Ed Reed told NBC Radio yesterday that Joe Flacco seemed “rattled” by the Texans defense, and he needs to perform better. Don’t get me wrong, what he said was true, but he’s talking about a guy who last week said he doesn’t get any credit when they win and all the blame when they lose. Uh, Joe, it’s because your team doesn’t win because of you, and it’s usually your poor play that causes you guys to lose. You’re Joe Flacco. You’re a rich man’s Derek Anderson. Stop thinking you’re Tom Brady.
  • So a guy from NFL Network said yesterday that the Browns really like Robert Griffin III, and would be prepared to move up a couple spots in the draft if they need to do so. Personally, I want the Browns to get RGIII. He literally has Olympic caliber speed. He throws the ball approximately 1,834 mph. He’s more talented than any Browns QB since they’ve come back. I know they might have to give up a lot to get him, but at some point you have to take a risk. DO IT BROWNS.

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3 Responses to “A.M. Thoughts”

  1. So Fausto, huh? I don’t remember what his real name is, but it can not be as cool as Fausto Carmona. That leaves quite a hole in your rotation when you lose your #1 pitcher to falsely applying for a visa and maybe identity theft. Think the Indians should can him?

  2. Masterson and Jiminez may have something to say about Fausto being a #1.

    Good to see you back posting Bill, even if only a handful of people actual comment and mostly just that Nastrudumbass guy.

    Random thought…

    It may be premature but at this point I am taking Kyrie Irving over every PG in the East sans Rose, Williams, and Rondo. I’d probably only take Paul and Westbrook in the West. Sure Nash and a few others may be better right now but they aren’t 19. He already plays under control and is efficient (49% fg, 84% ft, 39% 3pt fg) unlike a Wall or Jennings.

  3. Fraudsto Carmona sounds more like it. I guess Asdrubal was a;ready taken. Browns should go after Flynn from Green Bay, he knows Holmgren and Shumers system already and use the two 1st round draft picks on fast wide recievers who can catch a ball and make a play happen. Pats vs Giants in shtupor bowl. and I miss the nostradummie and his responses.


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